I Love Pies

We started I LOVE PIES because we do really love pies, actually we really love food and we wanted to create food that we could be proud of, real food with real ingredients that we were happy to give our own families.

It all started in 2008, when we went on a pie quest to find a great tasting pie, instead of tender meat, delicious gravy and buttery pastry we discovered, gristle, gloop and grimness.  This inspired us to chop, mix, roll and crimp until we created what we think are some damn fine tasty pies. Encouraged by our family and friends we made 100 pies and took them to our local Farmer’s Market, to our delight they were all sold in under an hour. Today, we are still at the same Farmer’s Market where it all started but we are also pleased to say that you can now purchase our pies nationwide.

Happy Pie Eating


Click here to watch a short business documentary which was recently made about our story